Big Data & Business Intelligence Analysis

webbanner_dataminingdiscforeAs businesses and government agencies amass larger amounts of data and information, they increasingly need tools that can turn their data into useful knowledge for improving decision making practices or sharpening their competitive edge.  KBSI offers a suite of data mining components, tools, and services that have helped our customers turn their data into actionable information and business knowledge for more than two decades.

We have used our 20+ years of business intelligence know-how to develop advanced modelling, simulation, and data mining techniques, algorithms, and statistical components that give enterprises new ways of leveraging their data.  We provide our clients with targeted solutions that use either data mining tool sets developed in-house, client preferred tools, or a combination of the two to enable multiple methods for uncovering hidden patterns and relationships in your business practices.  The solutions also help you to analyze, interpret, and utilize your data to support your specific business goals and objectives.  KBSI's data mining and BI solutions address a number of business intelligence and analysis challenges including incipient trend detection, geographical and location based reasoning, correlation and pattern analyses, casualty analyses, predictive capabilities, and anomaly detection.