Post Deployment Software Maintenance (PDSM)

KBSI developed a library of models for post deployment software maintenance (PDSM) workload estimation along with a comprehensive methodology for PDSM concept analysis:  i.e., how to think about supporting software-intensive systems, and how to formulate and analyze trade-offs in the design space.

To meet the National Defense Strategy of global engagement, rapid mobility, a small logistics footprint, and inherent reliability, the U.S. Army’s weapon systems program office wanted a means for more effective post-deployment software maintenance.  Software is now recognized as the highest risk system component in virtually every major defense acquisition, and the role of software in the overall weapon systems acquisition enterprise continues to grow.  For example, when the C-17 development program began in 1985, the government planned for the development of four subsystems with about 164,000 lines of code.  By 1990, this number had increased to 56 subsystems and about 1,356,000 lines of code, including approximately 643,000 newly developed lines-of-code.

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