Human Enemy Network Influence Operations Map (HENIOMAP™)

The HENIOMAP™ technology uses advanced utility-theoretic models to provide a human enemy network influence operations map that incorporates cultural, social, and other factors using a simple knowledge acquisition process.  The system assists influence operations (IO) planners in the evaluation and formation of influence operations.

KBSI, in a contract funded by the Office of Naval Research, is developing the hidden enemy network influence operations map (HENIOMAP™) capability, a decision-support tool for course of action (COA) design, analysis and selection in the counterinsurgency (COIN) domain.  HENIOMAP™ provides middle-ware capabilities, assisting COA planners in gap analysis using forward (from COAs to commander’s objective) and backward (from commander’s objective to COAs) reasoning methods.  The HENIOMAP™ COA ontology represents COAs, phases, activities, states, outcomes, measures-of-performance (MOP), and measures-of-effectiveness (MOE).

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