Maintenance, Repair, & Overhaul Physics & Principles of Operation (MP2O)

MP2O helps depot managers improve agility, throughput, and system responsiveness despite ever-changing demands, priorities, and resource constraints.  MP2O models bring focus to essential aspects of the MRO system, expanding managements’ understanding of the system and their ability to rigorously test system designs.

The increasing volume and pace of Air Force operations worldwide add to the strain on an already aging fleet and the already taxed sustainment enterprises tasked with keeping that fleet in the air.  Air Logistics Centers (ALCs), responsible for aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO), are under pressure to reduce the number of aircraft on station at any given time, speed turnaround, and meet on-time delivery commitments—in other words, to maximize the number of aircraft that are available for duty just when the demand for depot overhaul work is sharply increasing.  The only way to achieve this goal is to increase the speed of the MRO process.  Given the inherent variability of the MRO process and the variety of resource types that must be managed—parts, manpower, equipment, funding, facilities, etc.—this is a particularly challenging goal.

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