Framework for Interoperability of Executable Architectures (FIEA)

FIEA is a language, tool framework, and methodology that enables the Air Force and DoD to share data among the many vendor specific tools and applications used in global joint service and multinational operations.

These tools, at best, provide a means for government agencies and their contractors to document their enterprise architectures:  they don’t facilitate the model-based analysis of architectures, a critical step in improving systems capability, acquisition, and investment returns.

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Automated Planning Software for a Dynamic Heterogeneous Collection of Manned & Unmanned Entities (PLANDROID™ )

The PLANDROID™ technology is an automated asset employment and redeployment planning framework for world state information management, asset capabilities characterization, mission and task requirements planning, plan assessment, and decision support.

The advent of advanced sensors and remote control technologies has expanded the use of robotic elements and unmanned combat vehicles for a variety of roles and mission types.  The increased use of robotic elements, however, also adds to the complexities involved in the planning and decision making regarding these asset deployments.

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