Multi-Source Network Pulse Analyzer & Correlator (MiNPAC)

MiNPAC allows analysts to discover emerging themes, trends, patterns of beliefs, sentiments, etc. from multi-source data and correlate these findings with structural and behavioral dynamics within the same or related social networks.  This capability improves situational awareness, helping planners formulate more responsive COA plans to meet rapidly evolving, asymmetric threats.

Modern asymmetric warfare involves operational and strategic decision making under high levels of uncertainty.  For course of action (COA) planning to be effective, decision makers must contend with the state of flux—the enemy’s shifting organizational patterns and methods of communication, growth and indoctrination, levels of preparation, policy shifts, advances in capability, new technology acquisition, deployment methods, etc.—that is the hallmark of modern warfare.  Most pressing, and most challenging, is the need for accurate situational awareness at many levels, particularly in understanding a complex web of dynamic elements that includes demographic, political, military, economic, social, information, and infrastructure dimensions.

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Framework for Airspace Situation-Awareness Training (FAST™)

The FAST™ technology is a simulation-based training system that allows users to create scenario-based training content for better managing airspace and deconfliction in manned and RPA systems.  The scenarios are stored in a FAST™ scenario library for reuse or can be stored as templates for adapting and evolving scenarios to meet specific training needs.

The increasing use of Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) systems is complicating airspace management;  in addition, these small, stealthy, and highly maneuverable RPA systems are difficult for conventional airspace-management technology to effectively manage.  Training for RPA operators has also failed to match the pace of RPA development and generally fails to address methods and techniques for managing airspace in the presence of RPA, further raising safety risks.  Improved training for RPA operators, the ability of develop an operating picture in common, and effective deconfliction methods and techniques will be significant steps in making mixed-use airspace effective and safe.

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New Award An­nounced: MySide­walk™ Phase I

January 21, 2015 – KBSI received notification that its proposal for the MySidewalk™ application has been selected for award by the Department of Transportation Small Business Innovative Research program.  “MySidewalk™” is a mobile application that will facilitate the crowd-sourced collection of sidewalk inventory and condition assessment data.  The tool will utilize the recent advances in social networks, mobile data collection, and data mining to provide integrated sidewalk data-sets.  The tool will be developed with significant inputs from our partners, City of College Station, TX and Texas Transportation Institute.