IDEF Methods & Other Developed Standards


KBSI's suite of IDEF modeling tools allow you to build structured models of the activities, processes, and information relationships at the heart of your enterprise. The IDEF modeling methodologies, developed by KBSI professionals and the U.S. Air Force, are a global standard for enterprise analysis and design and KBSI's automated tools that support the IDEFØ, IDEF1, IDEF1X, and IDEF3 methods have been used by federal and commercial enterprises worldwide. You can find out more about the IDEF methods at

KBSI's IDEF modeling tools also provide additional capabilities that add dimension to your modeling work, including Activity Based Costing (ABC) support, simulation model generation, and data specification generation. KBSI's tools allow you to share models among the different tools in the suite, allowing you to build more comprehensive enterprise models from a variety of perspectives.  Users can also import and export models among popular third party tools including Visio®, Witness®, and Microsoft Excel® and using standard languages like HTML and XML.