Success Story: Comprehensive Blood Supply Management

Effective emergency response requires more than getting equipment and personnel to the scene.  As important is determining what supplies are available and where they are available, as well as ensuring that required supplies are staged and deployed in a manner that meets the needs of the situation and any contingencies that might arise.  Providing this kind of responsiveness requires two important capabilities:  an awareness of what supplies are available, and the ability to communicate, easily and comprehensively, the status of those supplies.  As any supply chain manager will tell you, inventory planning and awareness is critical to successful emergency response.

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Message Epidemiology Resource for Counter insURgencY (MERCURY)

MERCURY is computer modeling technology that helps U.S. and coalition forces improve their counter insurgency measures.  The technology provides computer modeling of counter insurgency message dissemination that considers the heterogeneity of population response and contact rate.

Predictive models have been used to help the U.S. and Coalition partners achieve force superiority in Iraq and Afghanistan.  While these statistical and physically quantifiable measures have been successful in delivering optimized kinetic and electronic results in conventional warfare theaters, insurgent-based conflicts were proving more difficult as environments in which to repeat this success, particularly in influence and information operations campaigns.

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