Cyber Security & Threat Detection

Capabilities_CyberSecurityandThreatDetectionThe U.S. defense and intelligence communities’ operations are continually evolving, driven largely by the use and availability of network-centric technologies.  In today’s global, network-centric environment, war fighters, analysts, and decision makers are not only geographically dispersed but are also very likely to reside in separate and multiple security domains, increasing the need for comprehensive cyber security defenses.  Reports of serious compromises of U.S. Air Force, Army, and State Department networks by hostile organizations and nation states show that determined and sophisticated adversaries can circumvent many current computer network defense technologies to attack DoD networks.

KBSI has extensive experience in developing semantic search and threat detection solutions for a number of cyber security technologies, including tools for pattern discovery and monitoring in several threat detection arenas, including a dashboard for defense and security analysts that provides automation support for 24/7 asymmetric threat assessment from open-source data, an automated system for Deep Semantic Extraction (DSE), and an automated system for monitoring internet-based communications for the early detection of disease or bioterrorism outbreaks.