Business Process Improvement

Drawing on years of experience in systems engineering and business improvement efforts, KBSI’s consultants focus on providing clients with solutions that save time, save money, and deliver a rapid ROI.

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Cyber Security & Threat Detection

The U.S. defense and intelligence communities' operations are continually evolving, driven largely by the use and availability of network-centric technologies.

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IDEF Methods & Developed Standards

KBSI's suite of IDEF modeling tools allow you to build structured models of the activities, processes, and information relationships at the heart of your enterprise.

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Knowledge Based Systems, Inc.

A dynamic engineering and systems analysis, consulting, and systems/software development company.  Our history illustrates our capability and determination to deliver solutions on schedule, within budget, and with high quality results.
Since our founding in 1988, we've established a reputation for turning research results into innovative commercial solutions and software.  KBSI has been awarded a number of major research and development contracts by a host of government and commercial agencies and corporations.
Over the past two decades, we've applied our expertise in systems analysis, design, and development methods and technologies--including discrete event simulation, process modeling and analysis, data mining, and artificial intelligence--in developing tailored solutions for our clients.  Our customer-centered approach means that we work to understand the unique challenges of each client and work together, as partners, to deliver solutions that address each client's distinctive needs and boost their capabilities moving forward.