intelligence Rapid Product Generator (iRPG)

The iRPG initiative is extending KBSI’s MODELMOSAIC® technology to support the creation, analysis, and distribution of tactical intelligence data.  iRPG will help users develop application services for assessing COA and develop workflows that address specific domain ontology questions, allowing for more effective use of intelligence data.

KBSI is researching, designing, and developing an intelligence Rapid Product Generator (iRPG) that is an extension of KBSI’s MODELMOSAIC® knowledge management framework.  The iRPG technology will allow the ISR-C2 community to use MODELMOSAIC® in support of warfighters’ creation, analysis, and distribution of tactical intelligence data.

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Information DiscovEry Assistant that Learns (IDEAL)

The IDEAL initiative is developing an innovative information analysis enabling capability that allows users to collaboratively perform example based searches of information to support specific analysis goals.  The IDEAL technology leverages KBSI’s powerful ontology-based search solution, JACKALFISH®.

The volume of available information, both human and computer generated, and advances in document management and analysis technologies that provide greater access to data are making it difficult for intelligence analysts and other users to identify and utilize the key information in the data flood.  Improvements in semantic modeling, natural language processing, and groupware technology are providing opportunities for addressing these challenges.

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