Cash Management

KBSI's cash management solutions provide automated technology for managing cash inventories and scheduling cash deliveries. Our suite of cash management solutions apply KBSI’s experience in developing neural network technologies and fuzzy theoretic models to collect cash data and use the data in cash deposit and withdrawal forecasting and cash inventory management at individual ATMs and bank branches.

Our research in neural network technologies has focused on automating the process of designing hybrid neural net/fuzzy logic models from a domain expert’s/end user’s description of a problem situation and a set of domain data. In funded initiatives, KBSI has developed technology that automatically generates trained neural network architectures and Fuzzy Associative Memories (FAMs) starting from a structured description of a problem situation.

KBSI’s suite of cash management technologies generate easy to read graphs of cash inventory and forecasts of cash withdrawals and deposits—including aberrations like paydays, special events, or holidays—that allow users to identify cash trends, make more informed cash management plans, and turn excess cash into earning assets.