Framework for Enabling Adaptive Scenario Generation for Training (FEAST)

The FEAST technology uses an innovative methodology for dynamic scenario generation and adaption in simulation-based environments for mission operations training.  The technology’s knowledge discovery and automated reasoning methods let you evolve scenario design knowledge over time.

KBSI began by establishing the requirements for a dynamic scenario generation for individual and team learning in simulation-based environments.  This requirements building will utilize the Air Force’s Mission Essential Competencies (MECs)-based model as a means for enabling effective transformation from mission based training to competency based training in DMO training environments.

webbanner_simulationbasedtrainingThese requirements will be used in the design of a FEAST solution architecture for simulation-based training applications.  A central innovation of the FEAST technology will be the ability to automate the generation of dynamically adaptive training scenarios that respond to run-time state changes in distributed mission operations training simulations.