Information DiscovEry Assistant that Learns (IDEAL)

The IDEAL initiative is developing an innovative information analysis enabling capability that allows users to collaboratively perform example based searches of information to support specific analysis goals.  The IDEAL technology leverages KBSI’s powerful ontology-based search solution, JACKALFISH®.

The volume of available information, both human and computer generated, and advances in document management and analysis technologies that provide greater access to data are making it difficult for intelligence analysts and other users to identify and utilize the key information in the data flood.  Improvements in semantic modeling, natural language processing, and groupware technology are providing opportunities for addressing these challenges.

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Advanced MRO Multi-echelon Planning & Scheduling (ProPlan™ 21)

ProPlan™ 21 provides technology for the rapid definition, creation, and editing of constraint based MRO plans, enabling advanced plan analysis and plan execution for depot management decision support across all production echelons.

Key to the responsiveness of Air Logistic Centers (ALC), the hub for maintenance, repair, and overhaul of Air Force aircraft, is planning.  Responsiveness is a particularly acute need given the increased pace of Air Force operations worldwide, and ALCs are under pressure to reduce the number of aircraft on station at any given time, to speed maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) turnaround, and to meet on-time delivery commitments despite significant variability in work content, component part reliability, and replacement part acquisition lead-time—all while continuing to maintain consistently high standards of quality.

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Ontology-Driven Integration Framework (ODIF)

Ontology-driven Integration Framework (ODIF) automates the sharing and integration of information among different organizations.  ODIF applies a common ontology for integrating diverse data sources and uses knowledge extraction techniques and ontology analysis methods to extract knowledge from distributed, unstructured text sources.

An important challenge for any large enterprise is effectively sharing and integrating information among the organizations and diverse systems that make up the enterprise.  If you’re the U.S. Air Force or the Missile Defense Agency (MDA), enterprises of staggering size, sweep, and application and systems diversity, this challenge is particularly complex.

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