Software Tool for Efficient Airspace Management (STEAM™)

The STEAM™ technology is a software system that applies robust support tools, data mining, and statistical methods to the intelligent management of special use airspace (SUA).

KBSI’s Software Tool for Efficient Airspace Management (STEAM™) combines a software system with robust decision support tools to enable special use airspace (SUA) scheduling agencies to efficiently manage airspace.  This SBIR initiative for Edwards Air Force Base, currently in Phase II, is developing the STEAM™ software system to enhance the Air Force’s SUA management.  The Federal Aviation Authority reserves a portion of airspace in the National Airspace System (NAS) for military training and testing in order to support the national objective of defense preparedness at all times.  Such airspace, known as SUA, segregates military activities from general aviation.  As a policy, the FAA wants the Department of Defense to promote as much as possible the joint use of SUA by military and civilian aircraft and the use of inactivated SUA by civilian aircraft while meeting all of its airspace requirements.

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