Branch CashProspector

The Branch CashProspector software collects data from cash deposits and cash withdrawals, cash shipments, and end-of-day inventories, using this data to generate cash opportunity reports that indicate excess cash in the branch.  The software allows managers to review daily branch activities to see that proper cash inventories are being maintained.


webbanner_costmodelinganalysisThe failure to reliably manage cash inventories leaves bank branches overstocked with cash that could otherwise be an invested asset and increases the possibility of costly emergency cash deliveries.  By monitoring a branch’s cash inventory, the Branch CashProspector software, a decision-support tool by KBSI, identifies excess cash in the system, helping to reduce the excess cash without causing cash shortages.  The Branch CashProspector software provides automated, historical tracking of cash inventory needs for your branch locations.


The Branch CashProspector software collects data from cash deposits, cash withdrawals, cash orders, cash shipments, and end-of-day inventories.  Using this data, Branch managers are provided cash opportunity reports which indicates excess cash in the branch.  The Branch CashProspector software allows managers to review daily branch activities to see that proper cash inventories are being maintained.  Additional reporting capability is provided for optimizing courier transportation schedules, validating user input transaction data, and daily branch transactions occurred.  The Branch CashProspector software has beneficial features that include the following:

  • Provides visibility into cash management practices.
  • Reduces courier and emergency order costs.
  • Reduces inventory level without impacting customers.
  • Inventory cash reduction opportunities.
  • Sustains optimal cash inventory levels.

By managing cash inventories for each of your branches, the Branch CashProspector software helps you develop a more streamlined cash branch management plan, potentially providing an immediate return on your investment.