ATM CashMiner

The ATM CashMiner software automatically collects historical data on cash withdrawals, allowing you to forecast the cash demand on individual ATMs.  Generated reports present cash management data to help you allocate cash supplies and correct denomination amounts.


ATMs have become an integral part of the banking industry over the past years, introducing a new inventory management challenge–effectively managing cash stocks in potentially thousands of diverse locations with wildly diverse cash needs.  The failure to reliably manage cash inventories results in ATMs overstocked with cash that could otherwise be an invested asset or run the risk of lost fees and costly emergency cash deliveries.

WebBanner_CostModelingAnalysisKBSI’s ATM CashMiner software provides automated support for ATM cash inventory management.  By collecting historical data on cash withdrawals, the cash management software can be used to forecast cash demand of individual ATMs, even making provisions for special events (a convention, for example) and holiday withdrawals that affect cash inventory needs.


The ATM CashMiner software supports requirement calculation and recommended fill levels and fill data.  Generated reports provide data to help you allocate adequate cash supplies and correct denomination amounts, reducing the need for emergency courier scheduling and increasing your cash’s earning potential.  Data mining tools provide visibility into the performance of your cash delivery systems.  The ATM CashMiner software has beneficial features that include the following:

  • Alert reports on possible cash level shortages.
  • Lower transportation and emergency order costs.
  • User comfort factor adjustments to allow accurate cash budgeting.
  • Can reduce cash in vaults and in transit.
  • Helps cash managers turn excess cash into earning assets.