ATL GTW™: CH-47 Soldier Focused Logistics Go-To-War Impact Assessment

The ATL GTW™ technology extended the Army Transformation in Logistics (ATL) Go-to-War (GTW) tool to provide Soldier Focused Logistics (SFL)-based management decision-making founded on an overarching GTW capability metric.

The initiative tailored the Army Transformation in Logistics (ATL) decision support technology to assess alternative material provisioning options in terms of the resultant Go-To-War (GTW) capability.  That is, given a fixed parts budget for purchasing a specified quantity and mix of parts, decision-makers should be able to determine the extent to which anticipated operational flying hour requirements and non-flying hour demand (e.g., depot overhaul requirements) can be supported.  The resulting model, tool, and data must be able to drive SFL collaboration between stakeholder teams (e.g., PEO/PM, IMMC, ARMDEC, USAAVNC at Ft. Rucker) in achieving consensus on material requirements.

webbanner_productionmanagementThe initiative also focused on customizing the ATL decision support technology to orchestrate the demand rate and maintenance event rate trade-offs as a means for structuring SFL support elements for fleet maintenance management.  This involved demonstrating the ability to analyze trade-offs between incremental investments in manpower to extend the serviceable life of aircraft components versus optional investment in replacement parts.

The ATL GTW™ technology was adapted from KBSI’s ATLAS™ suite of tools, which provide a unified modeling and experimentation framework for capturing and applying subject matter expert knowledge in assessing current and future combat systems maintenance concepts, maintenance manpower and capacity planning, soldier load/effectiveness using simulation, trade-off analysis, data-mining analytics, and optimization.  The ATLAS™ suite has also been applied by the Army Utility (UH-60) program management office as a field commander decision support system within their Health, Utilization, and Maintenance Management System.  The ATLAS™ Go-to-War (GTW) tool provides key decision impact assessment capabilities for soldier focused logistics-based management decision-making.  This tool provides the capability to assess alternative material provisioning options in terms of the resultant Go-To-War (GTW) capability.