Medical Materiel Knowledge Discoverer (MMKD)

MMKD is a configurable, dashboard driven knowledge discovery system that allows users without data mining expertise to perform cutting edge knowledge discovery.  The technology helps the DoD Medical Logistics community meet the challenges of troop deployments in ever widening combat scenarios.

The Medical Materiel Knowledge Discoverer (MMKD) is a knowledge discovery system for the Department of Defense (DoD) Medical Logistics community that goes beyond simple data mining.  The changing nature of military conflicts in the world favor an emphasis on the rapid deployment of troops in an ever-widening variety of scenarios and locales.  These developments raise significant logistical challenges and risks for, among other military branches, the DoD medical community.

webbanner_healthinformaticsThe main goal of the MMKD initiative was to design, develop, and validate a Knowledge Discovery Framework (KDF) for the DoD Medical Logistics community.  MMKD is a configurable, dashboard driven system for knowledge discovery that allows for easy drill-down navigation through data, knowledge capture, the identification of out of balance conditions, and the application of decision optimization techniques.  MMKD’s ease of use allows users who are not data mining experts to perform cutting-edge knowledge discovery.

The system allows the DoD medical community to rapidly deploy knowledge discovery and apply the results to supply chain logistics and in the detection of mission critical events.  Together these capabilities help the DoD more effectively provide medical support to troops in a more cost effective manner regardless of the fighting scenario or theater.