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Drawing on years of experience in systems engineering and business improvement efforts, KBSI’s consultants focus on providing clients with solutions that save time, save money, and deliver a rapid ROI.

Our Methodology

With a focus on the client’s needs and the transfer of knowledge, KBSI’s BEST Methodology provides a comprehensive framework for designing, communicating, and implementing business and system engineering improvement solutions. Each step in the framework applies a particular method(s) with a specific purpose and deliverable. When used in combination with KBSI’s Enterprise Analysis tools, which enable knowledge acquisition, analysis, design, and rapid implementation in an effective, well-documented, and expedient manner, the BEST Methodology provides a foundation for the tools’ effective implementation. No matter how large or small your enterprise analysis effort, KBSI’s BEST Methodology is an important guide to getting the most out of your analysis and improvement work.

Our Team

Putting together the right mix of experts to meet the project requirements is always a challenge. With KBSI’s team of professionals--experts in project management, process definition, simulation, and application development--our clients can be certain that their project objectives will be met on time and within budget. With a large range of in-house domain expertise and experience, KBSI stands ready to address the unique needs of your enterprise and the challenges of meeting your business goals.

If you're interested in using KBSI’s experts for your next project or would like more information on how we can make your project a success, contact KBSI via e-mail or phone.

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