New Phase II: AD­VICE

The ADVICE initiative is developing an experimental framework that improves the situational awareness of cyber systems under attack.  The initiative will provide innovative human-computer interaction and visualization technology for developing cyber security controls, improving cyber situational awareness, and evaluating cyber security control architectures.

Phase I Award: CDAT

The CDAT initiative is designing and developing a toolkit that will help clinicians, healthcare administrators, and public health professionals to compare the effectiveness of different clinical practices, including preventive and treatment modalities.

The Cohort Development and Analysis Toolkit (CDAT) will allow healthcare professionals to better leverage the large amounts of healthcare data available in electronic health records, facilitating cohort development and analysis along the entire healthcare spectrum:  healthcare providers, patients, systems and processes, and case management/discharge planning.  By providing intuitive interfaces and workflows that are designed to support a medical practitioner rather than an IT or data expert, CDAT will make data mining and analytics more accessible to the medical community without the need for statisticians or data mining professionals.Continue reading