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KBSI's advanced research and technology projects transition innovative research into cutting edge solutions. We specialize in business process redesign, logistics and supply chain optimization, data and information retrieving and processing, simulation analysis, project and team management, and systems integration.

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Research Excellence

"Having a CAI (Commercialization Achievement Index) of 80 and over half of the Phase I efforts going into Phase II shows that this company knows what they are doing.  The company knows how to manage the SBIR efforts and move the product along into sectors of the military.  Many of the products are used today by the Army, Navy and Air Force."


--Navy SBIR proposal evaluation
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KBSI's professionals come from all over the United States and abroad, bringing a wealth of education and expertise in mechanical, industrial, electrical, aeronautical and manufacturing engineering, as well as computer science, management science, and artificial intelligence. Our professionals are industry leaders in applying advanced, scientific research to the development of focused technologies, and we have over two decades of experience in converting research results into next generation products and services that meet the unique needs of our clients.